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How to Manifest Money and Apply the Law of Attraction

There was a time when I would google ‘manifesting money’ success stories as a way to comfort myself, through many tough financial years. Honestly, I used to dream about the life that I have now. I’ve become a ‘manifesting money’ success story and before I dive into how you can manifest money into your life, I want to share my reality to inspire you to keep going. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You can do this.

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My family fled the war in Sri-Lanka and made their way to Canada with nothing waiting for them on the other side. No matter the circumstances, my parents did their best to provide food on the table and a roof over my head. As I got older, my dreams of financial freedom became non-existent and I was tasked with the responsibility of financially supporting my family. Through lived experiences from a young age, blossomed my terrible relationship with money.   

Simply put, I was broke and as a means to escape life in my mid-twenties – I would travel. At least, when I traveled I could be free. Except, when I returned home – the slow burn of reality would creep right back in and I’d be back to the mundane life of a 9-5 commuter. 

So, what changed? I started to learn about manifestation and in doing so decided to work on shifting my mindset to work for me – instead of against me. Once, I stopped seeing money as a limited resource; I was spending more and saving more. I went from renting a home to purchasing my own, paying for a wedding – I once couldn’t afford and clearing up my student debt. 

It all started when I decided to make an active effort to apply the law of attraction to my daily life. The law of attraction is the belief that you attract your thoughts, feelings, and emotions into your life. Negative thinking attracts negative experiences whereas positive thoughts attract positive experiences. However, there are exceptions – we don’t control terrible circumstances and challenges that just happen.

Oprah is one of many celebrities that believe in the law of attraction. She has an intention journal and planner that’s dedicated to calling in the life you want. Her planner provides writing prompts, quotes, and advice directly from her to help you set a vision for your life and intentions for each week. If you’re serious about kickstarting your manifestation journey then I’d suggest you grab a copy.

The core idea of the law of attraction is about focusing your thoughts on attracting more of what you want into your life. Once I started to focus on shifting the energy I carried towards money – I began to witness gradual changes in my finances. 

Note: I don’t support toxic positivity – that’s not what the law of attraction is about. If you feel your emotions and they’re telling you that a part of you feels sad – trust it. Feelings are important and we shouldn’t mask them with positivity to get through them. I would never want you to dismiss your feelings to attract positivity because that’s not at all how this works.

Before we dive in, I want to make it clear that manifesting isn’t about wishing things into existence – real life isn’t a fairytale. Manifesting anything, much less manifesting money requires your effort and dedication to not only shift the narrative you’ve created around money, but you also need to actively improve your mindset, release fear and take action.

10 Steps To Manifest Money

1. Write down your thoughts on money

Use a manifestation journal to get comfortable with your current thoughts about money. What does money mean to you? To change where you are now, we need to identify what changes are necessary.

2. Get clear with your relationship when it comes to money

What is your relationship with money – good/bad? When did your relationship with money start and how did it transform to where you are now? We need to be honest with ourselves about how we connect with money. I used to view money as the root of all evil and spent countless years, hoping for a break. To mend our relationship with money, we need to understand what needs fixing.

It’s time to shift your money mindset and release any limiting beliefs around it. Are you trying to hit a certain number? Do you need an extra $100 every month? What can you do to make this work for you? One of the things, I had to stop doing was trying to keep up with fashion and makeup trends. I was able to save quite a bit of money when I wasn’t spending it on material items.

There are plenty of helpful books out there that speak to consumerism, managing your finances, and ultimately saving your money. I highly recommended reading I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. He gives you the facts and walks you through how to earn more, save more and live a rich life.

4. Release the fear you associate with money

Instead, do things from a place of abundance. Fear holds us back and makes us question our every move. To manifest the life you want – we need to kick fear to the curb. The moment I let go of the scarcity surrounding money, I started to welcome money in abundance.  

5. Practice gratitude and leave your money mistakes in the past

Today is a new day, so let’s focus on what we can do now to make the required changes and manifest money now. Don’t push it off any longer. If you lost money to poor financial choices in the past – so be it. Let go of old decisions and welcome new opportunities. Accept that what has happened to you has happened for you. Release the negative emotions associated with money and embrace the power of gratitude.

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    6. Set intentions and realistic goals towards money

    We need to set clear intentions on short and long term goals to work towards. Write down your money goals. Do you want to pay off debt? Is your goal to start an emergency fund or save for retirement? How do you intend to make these goals a reality?

    Consider purchasing a goal planner or goal tracker to help you focus on your tasks. I found plenty of handy printable planners on Etsy to help you master your goals.

    7. Create a vision board to visualize wealth manifestation

    There must be a reason that so many icons around the world swear by vision boards. I admit I used to cheap out when it came to gifts. If I couldn’t afford things for myself – then why buy expensive things for others? So, I decided to pin an image of gifts, with a money sign above it on my vision board and I used to visualize myself giving gifts to others – just to see their eyes light up. Gift-giving without dread has become my reality.    

    8. Repeat daily affirmations to manifest money fast

    What are your money goals? What intentions do you have around money? It’s important to have a clear idea of your intentions to help you focus on daily affirmations to manifest money. If you want to learn more about affirmations – I have an entire post dedicated to money and abundance affirmations.

    9. Focus on a money mantra

    Repeat something as simple as “I am a money magnet” every day – as many times as you remember to do so. I like to set reminders on my phone that pop up with different mantras throughout the day.

    10. Use your thoughts, feelings and inspired action

    To make the changes you need in your life you need to combine your thoughts and feelings with action. I hope you don’t think if you do all of the above, then sit at home you will manifest money in abundance. Only with inspired action will the universe work in alignment with you. Hatch a plan and pair it with the steps above to truly reap the benefits of money manifestation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do you manifest money using the 369 method?

    Start by picking an affirmation that you strongly resonate with and feel the affirmation working with you. In the morning write down the affirmation 3 times, in the afternoon write down the affirmation 6 times, and at night write down the affirmation 9 times in a journal. The purpose of the 369 manifestation method is to turn your thoughts into a reality and should be followed for 45 days or until your desire materializes.

    How do you manifest money before bed?

    To manifest money before bed, you will need to reprogram your subconscious mind. By using the steps mentioned above to shift your mindset, you will begin to manifest anything while you sleep.

    What is the best time to manifest money?

    The best time to manifest money is literally anytime you decide to do it. I usually start my day with gratitude then move on to manifestation intentions (short and long term) and then before bed, I repeat some affirmations or mantras. I suggest picking a time that allows you to focus and reflect.  

    How do you manifest money for good?

    The simple answer is that you can’t manifest anything for good. We can’t control every circumstance in life but what we can do is work towards aligning ourselves with the universe to best serve us. When you live from a place of abundance – you ultimately shift the narrative you have around money and this creates a mindset shift that can be applied to everyday life.

    To truly reap the benefits of manifesting money, apply the law of attraction to your life. Release your limiting thoughts about money and open yourself up to the abundant possibilities by rewriting your money narrative. Use these money manifestation cheat sheets to help you with your daily manifestation practice. I know one thing for certain, you can manifest money – the real question is are you willing to work for it?  


    Manifest Money Fast in Abundance


    Do you believe in manifesting money? Do you have anything to add? Let me know in the comments below.

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