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You’ve come to a magical realm, where you’ll be graced with mediocratic references about Beyoncé, Harry Potter and ruff-tastic commentary about our incredibly cute doggo – Dobby.

Dobby’s world

Let’ get acquainted, shall we.

Hey-hey! I’m Ilakkiya and I can assure you that I manage this blog almost entirely on my own, but my husband and occasional Pinterest manger, Ragun – helps with some of the backend items.

Since you’ve made it to the about us page, this must mean you want to get to know us OR you’re a fellow blogger and you’ve come to steal some ideas (sneaky, sneaky) – either way, we welcome you!

We live and breathe Toronto air; as it’s the first place we both easily call home. Ragun is a full-time teacher, and I work as a loan officer (it is as exciting as it sounds). When we aren’t planning our travels, we are likely in search of new food to try, working on our growth and healing, spending quality time with our loved ones, and mentally prepping to clean our home.

Couple standing on bridge holding hand with water and city skyline behind them
Harbourfront toronto

the what.

This website started as a good ol’ Travel blog, but we made a slight pivot. What started as a Tamil diaspora woman’s dream to explore the world – transformed into something more than discovering lands, near and far. I began to venture further into self discovery and overall well-being.

Now, we bring to you a blog that speaks to wanderers from all avenues. You’ll find a dedicated travel and wellness tab in addition to tidbits of self-awareness, growth and just about all things Toronto.

Ohau, Hawaii – moments of joy

You’ll quickly realize, I like to keep it real – so I do share personal hardships and struggles, among wins. If there is something you want me to cover or just want to say hi- send me a message or leave a comment below. Don’t be shy – we value online social banter!

the why.

I truly believe that you don’t need a lavish savings or family wealth to travel and grow. We have all that we need within us. It comes down to how you harness the energy to welcome wander into your life (speaking from a place of privilege).

Before, I started the blog – my biggest focus was on budget travel and pretty Instagram pictures, but along the way I decided to stop thinking about life as “something that was happening to me” and started to embrace life as “something that is happening for me.” All it took was a slight mindset shift to start a domino affect of meaningful change in my life. In the process, I’ve learned that healing isn’t linear + I can’t eat more than 7 Oreos in one sitting (bummer – I know).

Learning to surf on waikiki beach

I often say irl that self-care isn’t selfish and I stand by it. If someone were to ask who the top priority in my life is – without blinking (I blink 40 times a minute), I’d choose me – over and over.

As, a recovered (sometimes recovering) people pleaser, I’ll never tell you to pick someone else over yourself. I will encourage you to stand in your truth and to do right by you.

Alas, this blog is more about me then Ragun but I didn’t want to keep him wandering in the dark.

Beijing, China

Our hope and mission is to push you to find new experiences, open your mind to other perspectives, and educate you on all that the world has to offer. The purpose of Wander Is Calling is to entice you to roam the roads less traveled and encourage you to live life on your terms!


Wait, wait, don’t leave without sharing how you stumbled upon us, below.

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  1. Via the Superstar Blogging Forum-Love your site!

    1. Hi Alexandra! Welcome – nice to meet yah!

  2. I was scrolling through pinterest and found your 25+ Money affirmations pin. As a Malayali it was surprising to see a fellow South Indian woman on Pinterest not to mention being from Toronto. I now decided to give your socials a follow so I can get some more south indian female faces/advice on my feed but also of course because your content seems useful and interesting!

    1. Hey Renice! Glad you found me through those affirmations 🙂 Nice to meet you! I was raised in Toronto but I’m from Jaffna (Sri-lanka). Aw, love to hear it. Let me know what other content you want to see and read!

  3. Found you via The Good Trade!
    Grateful to find this, and excited to continue to read and be inspired.
    Thank you.