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Top 10 Bars to go Bar Hopping in Toronto

If you like drinking – you’ve come to the right place. Toronto has so much to offer and we thought we would share some of our favorite bars for those nights you cant remember (we all have them).

We’ve connected the dots around the Downtown core to bring to you what is tried, true and tested. We know it can be done and if you’ve got a tolerance like ours – you’ll make it out okay (very far from sober, but you’ll live).

Ready, set, drink-drank-drunk!

1. The Carbon Bar

a square red and white sign with the name carbon bar on it, attached to a brick wall.

What to order: we got the Southern Hospitality, a Whiskey Sour, and the Pit Fired-old Fashioned. Great drinks with a good amount of that what matters most – alcohol.

The Vibe: this place has a calm, clean, and collected feel.

The Pull: the chef gave us free apps.

2. Bar244

What to order: just all of the alcohol. You’ll either get plenty wasted or have a quick drink and get the heck out of there (if that).

The Vibe: there are two levels with one for partying and the other is more casual.

The Pull: exactly as they advertise – cheap drinks and party bar.

3. The Porch

What to order: you can’t go wrong with Aperol spritz but I’d recommend you go all in with their specialty porch punch.

The Vibe: rooftop patio with a view of the city and our beloved CN Tower.

The Pull: in the summer this is the spot to hangout with friends or make new ones.

4. Sneaky Dee’s

three glasses with drinks in them. two shorted glasses with black liquid and one taller glass with yellow beer sitting on top of a wooden brown table.

What to order: nothing fancy, just your average drinks.

The Vibe: chill, laid back, and edgy.

The Pull: the nachos and cheap drinks.

5. DaiLo

a bao which is a round bun with black sesame seeds on it, sitting on top of an light peach sauce and lettuce in a small round plate.

What to order: we ordered three drinks but I can only remember the one – Pink Negroni, which had enough Aperol to satisfy me.

The Vibe: a relaxed brassiere with great snack options to help soak up some of that alcohol, so you can continue on drinking.

The Pull: the big mac bao. It’s a must try!

6. Bar Raval

What to order: full disclosure, the two times I made it out here, it was closed. So, I couldn’t tell you what to drink but this bar sure warrants a visit.

The Vibe: a classy yet funky feel with its Gaudi-esque decor.

The Pull: the WOW décor and tapas.

7. Sidestreet Bar

a bilding with graffiti on it. the artwork is a bunch of colorful roses and name of the bar sidestreet.

What to order: I’m a rum and coke kinda girl, meanwhile Ragun is all in with his beer. Pick your poison and drink up!

The Vibe: a small, yet cool hidden gem.

The Pull: it serves its purpose. A great spot to kickback and grab a drink.

8. Dundas Video

drinks in front of a small computer screen with the name super mario bros on it.

What to order: pick your favourite drink and slip away.

The Vibe: low-key spot with some nostalgic video game options.

The Pull: well…the nostalgic video games.

9. Get Well

What to order: anything or everything from their draught selection.

The Vibe: a funky mix-match of décor with a chill laidback atmosphere.

The Pull: arcade games like Tetris and pinball.

10. The Libertine

What to order: their cocktails will spike your curiosity. If you enjoy your rum then try your luck at the Dirty Nelly (a good mix of rum and bourbon with a kick of lemon).

The Vibe: vintage underground speakeasy lounge

The Pull: the secret bar feels – we all deserve some excitement in our life


We’ve mapped out the route for you below if you were to drive but a lot of them are walking distance, making it even easier to bar hop. In order to be kind to your body, we suggest you split up the list above and pace yourself, so not to end up in the ER the next morning. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

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