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40 Ideas To Create A Successful Self Care Sunday Routine

We all need a little self care Sunday routine to keep our mind, body, and soul in alignment. If we don’t give ourselves that care and attention we deserve, then we’re opening ourselves to a whole host of struggles. Not to say struggles should be avoided. Struggles are, in fact, necessary – as we grow through, what we go through, but without a healthy body and mind, we’ll find ourselves exhausted.    

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Why should we indulge in self care?

Self-care is the best kind of care. The kind that allows you to pour all your time and energy into yourself. This hamster wheel called life rarely warrants us free time to simply be, flow and self-soothe. Self care is important because it ultimately provides us the opportunity to do right by our side, as we should.


I used to always focus on the physical aspect of care without prioritizing the mental health side. The moment I noticed that my anxiety, tiredness, and unhappiness came from a need to caress my soul with the care it yearned – everything changed. My inner peace took the driver’s seat, and all my inhibitions were forced to settle into the back. I found the glorious missing piece – self care.

What is self-care Sunday?

Self care Sunday is a practice that involves focusing on yourself. Start your week off with a nourished and well-rested attitude by making Sunday your mandatory “me day.” We’re often so busy being busy that we don’t make time to listen to our needs. Burnout is a real thing, and that’s why it’s essential to give yourself a self-care day. Slow down, smell the roses and simply be with yourself. Self-care Sundays are meant to serve as a meeting place for your needs, to help you reset, refuel and recharge. 

How do you establish a self care Sunday routine? 

This is where I jump in with all the ideas below and a handy checklist to filter through. Take what you need and leave the rest. My self care Sunday routine often consists of journaling, reading, reflecting, and watching tv. I sometimes indulge in a bubble bath, bake, paint or go for a hike. I change my self care Sunday routine based on what I’m feeling at the moment. I recommend listening to what you genuinely feel you need and then start your day with a handy self care Sunday checklist to help you establish a routine that fits your lifestyle.

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    Below are 40 ideas to create a successful self care Sunday routine. The ideas below are things to do at home or indoors.
    • Journal – I often find myself reaching to journal about my day, do a little mind dump, or reflect on feelings and emotions. Using a gratitude journal has helped me tremendously when I’m feeling out of sorts with myself.  
    • Read – whether you opt to read 5 minutes a day or one page per day, just do it. You can start a book and work through it as slowly as possible; the important part is that you do it. 
    • Meditation – I often do this for about 10 minutes a day. On days I don’t want to commit 10 minutes, I opt to practice deep breathing. 
    • Practice breathing – box breathing is often my go-to technique, and guess what? It doesn’t require much time yet leaves you with reduced anxiety and stress.  
    • Take a bath with soothing salts, bath bombs, music, and candles.
    • Watch everything on Netflix and then take a gander at amazon prime. 
    • Donate anything old. I often like to do a spring and winter cleanup of my wardrobe and items around the house. 
    • Declutter your home. As Marie Kondo might say – if it doesn’t bring your joy, then it has to go.
    • Cook a three-course meal and indulge your senses.
    • Meal prep for a few days – try out new recipes or invent your own. 
    • Connect with a loved one through a video call or a phone call.  
    • Paint, draw, scribble. I often like to use a mandala coloring book to get my creative juices flowing.
    • Rearrange your home to give it a different edge than you’re used to. 
    • Clean your home for a fresher feel and look.
    • Do some yoga or exercise
    • Listen to a podcast or ted talk about anything. Some of my favorite personal development podcasts are Unlocking Us with Brene Brown, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, and I Weigh with Jameela Jamil.
    • Pick up a new hobby – start a blog, knit, learn to trade stocks; the options are endless.
    • Take a social media detox.
    • Try virtual travel. I often like to check out virtual travel through the eyes of others. 
    • Give yourself a massage with a massage gun to get even the tightest muscles.
    • Dance like nobody is watching.  
    • Take on a DIY projectPinterest is a great place to find things to DIY.  
    • Play virtual games basically anywhere online.
    • Pamper yourself with a facial and scrub down.
    • Talk to yourself. Reflect. Learn. Understand. 
    • Plan a day full of fun activities to do at home. 
    • Take a nice long nap. Three times a day. 
    • Create a vision board + visualize your dreams, hopes, goals.
    • Get off electronics for the day or for a few hours and be with yourself.
    • Do nothing – a cult favorite. Often, I lay around, stare out the window or sit in the sun. Try it.  

    Truth be told, it’s often easy to find things to do at home if we just take a closer look. On the days you want to incorporate some outdoor fun into your self care Sunday routine – peep the list of items below.

    • Garden – whether you’re taking care of house plants or planting flowers in your front yard, this is a great way to keep active and spend time outdoors.
    • Date yourself. Make a picnic, watch an outdoor movie or take yourself shopping. 
    • Go for a walk around the neighborhood.
    • Spend a day exploring a park in your city or a neighboring city.
    • Go bike riding or rollerblading. 
    • Meet up with a loved one.
    • Take a class – piano, voice coaching, cooking, or a self-care course.
    • Go for a sunrise or sunset drive.
    • Go for a swim or sit in the water, whether in a hot tub or community pool. 
    • Create a bucket list of things you want to do in your city and do one thing each week. 

    I hope these self care ideas encourage you to seek comfort in yourself and find balance in the way you move. 

    Part of my self-care routine means falling into an endless rabbit hole of Ted Talks. The Ted Talk below is about Re-training Your Brain With Self-Care by Dima Abou Chaaban.

    Whatever you do, don’t give up. Make self-care a habit, not a reflex. These ideas for a self care Sunday routine are meant to serve as a guide to help you create a plan that works best for you. Whether it’s Sunday care or a self care weekend – prioritize yourself. 


    What does self-care look like for you – let me know in the comments below?

    Disclaimer: The purpose of my blog is to assist people in making changes in their life through supportive guidance. This blog’s information is based on my life experience and sources credited in each post. By reading my blog, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist, medical doctor, or health care professional. My services do not replace the care of psychologists, doctors, or other healthcare professionals.

    Sunday self care ideas for a self care routine

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