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A Guide To The Popular London Coppa Club Igloos

Updated: 3/13/2021 | March 13, 2021

The Tower Bridge Coppa Club igloos have quickly become one of London’s most popular and photographed spaces.

The alluring Coppa Club igloos are housed in Central London, nestled among Tower Bridge and the Shard. Coppa Club took a vision and turned it into something quite magical. The igloos transform between the winter and summer months to portray unique themes.

I first laid eyes on the Coppa Club igloos when I was scouring the internet for fun things to do in London. Once I found out about the Coppa Club igloos’ existence, much like a new Beyoncé song on repeat – I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, I subscribed to the Coppa Club email list, marked their pod release dates on my calendar, and waited. By waiting, I cyber-stalked the site nearly every day just in case I missed a surprise opening. There was no such opening.

Finally, the day arrived, and the bookings were being snatched up left, right and center. The system was overloaded, and I was frantic to secure a spot. After some aggressive handling of my mouse and keyboard, I had reserved a weekday brunch. I’d recommend planning your dates and times in advance – just in case you don’t secure your first Coppa Club igloo reservation; you can opt for another date.

Upon arrival at Coppa Club, I was smitten. I know, who falls in love with igloos? THIS GIRL.

I tried to tell myself to act natural and not to be that tourist who takes 100’s of pictures. Yet, I did the exact opposite because, after all the buildup, documentation was the only way to prove the Coppa Club Tower Bridge igloos’ existence.

The only way my husband could get me to stop running a marathon around the igloos with my camera was by shuffling me into our igloo. We were a party of four, seated in an igloo fit for eight. So, more pictures it was (Instagram, here I come).

Two clear domes of the coppa club igloos in London sitting on a wooden platform with empty tables and chairs inside.

Overall Cost of Eating in the London Igloos

I’ve spent many summers in London, and I can vouch that the prices are sometimes questionable at central London restaurants. However, I’m pleased to report that we found Coppa Club to be reasonably priced. I was surprised that the igloos did not have an upcharge. We ordered eggs benedict, a cappuccino and a pizza which came down to about £27. Honestly, I was ready to splurge, but I’m glad we didn’t have to. Since we were a party of four – we didn’t have a minimum spend of £30 per person.

The Food at the Tower Bridge Igloos

There were a handful of brunch choices, and we learned that the menu was the same whether you dine inside or outside. However, I believe the Coppa Club Tower Bridge menu may have changed with recent restrictions. So, if you’re curious – take a peek at their menu on the Coppa Club website.

We are huge foodies. I’ve come to accept that it’s a blessing and a curse. Naturally, we wondered if the food would live up to the hype of the igloos, and well, you bet your shiny pound it did. Ragun had a spicy, meat pizza underplayed with a subtle tomato paste, so all the flavor just blended well. I had the eggs benedict with smoked salmon. The Florentine sauce was creamy, with the right amount of tang, which complemented the smoked salmon. I also had a creamy light cappuccino to wake me up, as the igloo ambiance was setting the mood for a nap.

The food was great, but I like to eat. Often, overeat. If you’re anything like me or you’re looking for something else to do, then be sure to head straight to the London Borough Market for a never-ending variety of incredibly tasty delights. 

The Overall Coppa Club Tower Bridge Experience 

The all-around experience was fantastic. I felt that Coppa Club London over-delivered, especially considering the igloo booking was free. The igloos had a warm and homely feel about them, even though we were situated outdoors. It’s a great concept, which allows you to take in the inner city London vibes while encouraging you to get off your phone.

Pro-tip: If you are unable to score an igloo booking online, it’s okay – breathe. The staff mentioned they have an igloo available for walk-ins, but you might have to wait to grab a seat as it’s first come, first served. I’m not entirely sure if this hack applies to the other locations, but it’s a go at the Coppa Club Tower Bridge Igloos. So, try your luck and don’t be afraid to contact them to confirm! 

Since London is a busy and bustling place, if you’re looking to get out of the city, take a trip to the Roman Baths and Stonehenge for a scenic country adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a Coppa Club igloo reservation?

To start, I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter, so you are up to date with all of the Coppa London happenings. On their website, they provide updates about the reservation dates for each igloo location. Once you know the dates, mark them down in your calendar and get on the site as soon as they launch. 

Do all the Coppa Club London locations have igloos?

Not all of them, but as of right now, there are four locations with the igloos. The four locations are Coppa Club Sonning, Coppa Club Brighton, Coppa Club Cobham, and Coppa Club Tower Bridge.

Is the Coppa Club expensive?

Not at all. I’m a budget-friendly traveler, and I honestly thought the menu was well priced for the glamour of the pods. As I mentioned above – two meals and a drink cost us about £27.

Is there a minimum spend at the Coppa Club igloos? 

Yes, there is a minimum spend of £30 per guest, which applies to any bookings of fewer than four people after 11 am (not applicable for children) at the Sonning, Cobham Village, and Brighton Coppa Club Igloos.

As for the Tower Bridge Coppa Club location, a minimum spend of £130 per igloo will apply for Peak reservations (From 5 pm Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday). A minimum spend of £30 per person for Off-Peak reservations (Monday to Friday 11 am – 5 pm).

Do they take walk-ins at Coppa Club London?

There is one pod available for walk-ins at the Tower Bridge location. I’d recommend showing up early during off-peak hours so you aren’t stuck in a lineup, and you get to catch the beautiful city waking up. It would best to send an email or call them to confirm if there are walk-in availability still applies.

Are the Coppa Club igloos heated? 

Yes, the pods are heated, so you’ll be nice and toasty during the colder months.

Key Takeaway: If you are unable to score an igloo booking online, do not fret. I was told that they do take walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis. So, try your luck!

the ultimate guide to london's coppa club igloos


We loved the views, the food, and the shining star of the show – the igloos. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, leave a comment below.

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