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5 Must-Try Bubble Tea Spots in Beijing

Going to Beijing? Then bubble tea should be the first thing on your mind. When it comes to bubble tea, we don’t play games. We did you a solid and tried several bubble tea spots in Beijing to provide you with some worthy options. We want you to be in the know, while on the go.

The Alley – 10 Furong St, Wang Jing, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China (Inside Walmart)
Hand holding a yellow bubble tea drink with a deer on the cup, with a white wall in the back consisting of a black frame with a deer.

Drink of choice: Fruiting Fruit Tea (passion fruit and kumquat lemon)

Price: 23 YUAN

Rating: 9/10

These tea connoisseurs know their flavors and their mixes. I decided to go milk-free and order a passion fruit and lemon tea. The tea was tangy, sweet, and refreshing. The tapioca was fresh with notes of honey, and the consistency was spot on. Not too mushy and not too hard. Just right in between. The signature drinks here are sure to appease your eyes. They have multicolored concoctions along with the basic milk tea options. This spot will surely leave you in awe.

Coco – Roushi St, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China (Inside Market)
Hand holding a large bubble tea drink that is black at the bottom and changes to a peachy colour at the top with the a white label.

Drink of choice: Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

Price: 15 YUAN

Rating: 8/10

We like our island fruits so we both got a passion fruit bubble tea at Coco and we were pretty darn satisfied. We had the option of picking our ice and sugar level. I had mine with less sugar and less ice. The bubble tea went down smooth with a tangy kicker at the end. This menu has numerous fruity tea choices, and you can customize the drinks to your liking.

McDonald’s – No. 2, Zhengyang Market, Qianmen West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Large bubble tea cup with an eye, eyebrow, and white Chinese letters on the bottom holding a milk tea with black balls on the bottom.

Drink of choice: Milk Tea

Price: 18 YUAN

Rating: 7.5/10

Milk teas are our favorite and the fact that McDonald’s had it, meant one thing – we must consume. Our drink was a blend of milk and tea. The ratio of milk to tea was on 50/50. I drink tea on the daily, so I know the taste of tea being too bitter or too watered down, a little too well. The drink was relatively sweet and had a light creamy taste to it. The only downer was the tapioca, which was too mushy for our liking.

Syng Tea (Near Andingmen e Street and dongzhimen N. Alley)
Hand holding a clear bubble tea cup with a rose-pink drink with red and brown jelly at the bottom.

Drink of choice: Milk Tea with Mixed Jelly

Price: 23 YUAN

Rating: 7/10

We stumbled into this small shop at the end of a street and found that they had some unique options. For a change, we purchased the premium milk tea, which included mixed jelly at the bottom instead of tapioca. We enjoyed the milk tea as it was lightly flavored with rose milk and mixed with some sweet and squishy jelly. We were content with our choice to step away from our norm. Their menu included lattes, cappuccinos, and even included a ‘creative youth & beauty’ option – how could you pass up an opportunity to drink outta that section?

1 – near Meishi st. and daqijia hutong
White cup with the number one and Chinese letters on it sitting on a steel table. Blurry white and blue screen in the background.

Drink of choice: Small Bubble Milk Tea

Price: 14 YUAN

Rating: 7/10

It was an okay milk tea. The ratio of milk to tea was at a 40/60, with milk leading the race. The small balls of tapioca stole the show, as the consistency of the bubbles were soft, sweet and slightly chewy. They had a variety of choices, ranging from a series of tea lattes, fresh fruit teas, and a chew series with the focus on tapioca.


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